• clear and thorough responsibility that attaches all aspects of software product: quality, performance, efficiency, reliability and product lifetime;
  • ability to find and keep optimal balance between technologies and business;
  • ensuring software product with the stack of up-to-date technologies;
  • team building, project management, contractors negotiations experience;
  • considerable experience at software development, including mobile and cross browser applications.

Maxim G.

Project Manager, Team Lead, iOS Developer

Project Management
C/C ++


2014 - Present
DingMedia Ltd.
Chief Technology Officer, Project Manager

2011 - 2014
OC Shield Ltd.
Project Manager, Team Lead, iOS App Developer

2007 - Present
Project Manager, Team Lead of iOS/Windows development teams, Software Architecture Engineer

    Some projects examples:
  • 2015 - PDF mobile editor for filling and signing PDF forms
  • 2014 - live streaming broadcast service for professional and aspiring gamers (DingIt)
  • 2014 - real-time peer-to-peer video and voice calls application
  • 2014 - real-time social networking application
  • 2013 - video editing application with watermarking and text overlay functions
  • 2013 - network multi-user multi-level time tracking application
  • 2013 - enterprise multi-user software for BLE devices control
  • 2013 - corporate application for time tracking and creating invoices
  • 2012 - VPN mobile application (vpn4all)
  • 2011 - client application for crowdfunding service
  • 2010 - custom 2d-barcode live-decoder with own algorithm
  • 2008 - touch-oriented Android text editor

  • Education:

    2007 - Present
    Everyday self-education through reading professional literature on software development, IT management, computer science and programming.

    2007 - 2012
    Donetsk National Technical University (Donetsk, Ukraine)
    Obtained Master degree on Software Engineering.


    odroid, DIYs, innovations, apple hardware