Highly skilled C/C++ developer, with long and productive experience of programming for Windows platform. Software security assurance expert. Deeply explored many platforms and technologies, tools and frameworks. Building sustainable relationships with clients and coworkers.

Kirill B.

iOS/Windows Developer

C/C ++
Analytics SDKs


2013 - Present
OC Shield
Screencapture PC application streaming high quality video and user keyboard simulation with minimal delay using simple server-side

2009 - Present
Some projects examples:
 2013 - video editing application with watermarking and text overlay functions; network multi-user multi-level time tracking application; enterprise multi-user software for BLE devices control;
 2014 - real-time social networking application

2005 - 2012
Freelance jobs
Some projects examples:
 2006 - file cryptor protecting from debugging and reverse engineering;
 2007 - corporate antivirus based on bitdefender;
 2008 - windows defragmentator, register optimizer;
 2008 - server side for proxy anonymizer project (2 years uptime without crashes), peer-to-peer protocols vulnerability search (e2k, gnutella, kad);
 2009 - enterprise antivirus based on mailwarebytes;
 2010 - 2012 corporate network filter aimed to cut ads, block websites access, other administrative preset rools, secure chrome browser (exploit defence, built-in ssh tunnel, built-in ad-block and noscript plug-in.


2005 - Present
Everyday self-education through reading special literature on cybernetics, computer science and programming.

2003 - 2008
Donetsk National Technical University (Donetsk, Ukraine)
Obtained Master degree on Economics Cybernetics
During this period started Assembler studying and developed GUI and network applications.


complilation theory research, neural networks studiyng, low level coding, extreme roller skating.